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Big Little Reveal Ideas You'll Want To Do In 2022 - The Greek Co Blog Post

Your Essential Guide to Big and Little Reveal 2022

2022 Big Little Reveal Ideas that your entire fam will be loving!
Sorority Apparel Back To School Must-Haves for 2022 - The Greek Co. Blog Post

2022 Back To School Sorority Apparel Trends

Hot Girl Semester is here, ladies, so it’s time to stock up on the latest & greatest sorority apparel. We’re here to share all the styles that are in full effect for back to school!
8 Bid Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Any New Member - The Greek Co. Blog Post

2022 Bid Day Gift Ideas Perfect for any New Member

Shopping for your new member daughter, friend, sister, or girlfriend can be tough, especially with the generic options that are out there. We get it - it’s easy to buy the first few options you see or to buy the gift sets from the university, but why not get a gift that will leave your new member thinking, “Wow, they really put some thought into this!”

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