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3 Ways To Avoid FOMO This Spring Break

3 Ways to Avoid Spring Break FOMO With Your Sisters

Whether you're a senior with a bad case of senioritis, or a freshman who's looking forward to going back home and seeing friends and family, spring break looks different for everyone - and that’s okay! FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real thing and definitely hits harder when you can’t make it to the girl’s trip. Regardless of if you’re spending the break with your sisters or not, here’s a few ways to keep in touch and share iconic moments from your vacations this spring break!

Create a Customized Snapchat Story

Snapchat now offers a tool that allows a select group of people to share their favorite moments through a shared story. Have you, or one of your sisters, start up a story with either your whole chapter, your PC, close friends, etc. and instantly share pictures and videos from your trip! With this tool, not only can you laugh at the embarrassing moments the 24 hours after posting, but your sisters who are not with you can also get in on the fun!

Get a Digital Camera

Digital cameras are no longer left in the 2000’s. That’s right, these easy to use cameras are back in style and are begging for your attention! Check your local FaceBook marketplace, thrift shops, or used goods store and purchase an old digital camera. Each day during your vacation, switch who gets it for the day or night so you can see everyone’s perspective. All spring break long you and your sisters can capture pictures that are not only good quality, but will look great on your Insta feed! This is a super simple and cost effective way to make these memories last more than just on your camera roll! Even better- after printing and sharing the photos, split a scrapbook with your friends and make a book of your 2023 spring break, or use these printed photos to decorate your room with!

Post-Spring Break Care Packages on Girls’ Night

When spring break is over and it is time to debrief, spice it up a little! Have everyone in your girl gang bring a mini care package with tokens from their spring break. Whether it is a memento symbolizing a funny moment that happened, or a souvenir from your hometown, this way everyone (even those who didn’t go) gets to feel included! Play a nice rom-com and make dinner as you all laugh about what you did, or didn’t do, this spring break.


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