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2022 Bid Day Gift Ideas Perfect for any New Member

8 Bid Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Any New Member - The Greek Co. Blog Post

Shopping for your new member daughter, friend, sister, or girlfriend can be tough, especially with the generic options that are out there. We get it - it’s easy to buy the first few options you see or to buy the gift sets from the university, but why not get a gift that will leave your new member thinking, “Wow, they really put some thought into this!”

Below are 8 bid day gift ideas that are perfect for any new member!

  1. Necklaces
  2. Stickers
  3. Makeup bags
  4. Keychains- motel style
  5. Engraved claw clips
  6. Fanny packs
  7. Tote bags
  8. Sweat Shorts


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