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How to Grow Your Chapter's Instagram

How to Grow Your Chapter's Instagram - The Greek Co. Blog Post

Tips from our very own social media intern Alexis on how to grow your sorority Instagram!


  1. Know current color schemes- The best way to start planning your sorority's social media feed is to be up-to-date with seasonal colors and patterns. Pinterest is a great way to see what fashion is trending across the world right now and how to incorporate those vibes into your feed. This draws more people to look at your account and interact with stories, highlights, and posts!
  2. Less is more- The less filter, the better. Turning up the brightness and shadows automatically makes a photo stand out more by highlighting those hidden dark areas. When you add some saturation and play with the hues, you then create a more natural and bright feed. Lightroom mobile is perfect for this! I love their exposure options and white balancing as well! This attracts PNM's and media influencers because you are portraying a natural, less filtered vision of your chapter and more of a bubbly and bright vibe instead!
  3. Get a committee! - Having a small group of girls alongside you with this position helps with posting Instagram collages/stories consistently! With their help of creating consistent edits, graphics, and TikTok's you can handle your workload better but also grow off each others ideas! Making edits is a great way to have other girls in your chapter post them on their stories and spread the creativity in your chapter!
  4. Be consistent- Make a posting calendar and plan out which days you will have photos put on the feed. Constantly uploading more content on your feed and story shows that your chapter is active and on top of its work. Posting photos every other day or so keeps viewer engagement high and entertained!
  5. Fun edits- Making story collages that have specific color schemes is an amazing way to get your chapter involved and excited. This allows girls to repost on their stories and spread their love for their chapter. When I make collages for my sorority's Instagram, all the girls tend to post it on their stories and give fantastic feedback! This keeps your chapter members excited and involved.




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