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How to Get into Your Dream Sorority

How to Get into your Dream Sorority - The Greek Co. Blog Post

Sorority recruitment can be so incredibly nerve-wracking! You hear advice like “you will just know where you belong, you’ll feel at home.” That isn’t always the case for everyone and ultimately… the chapter is going to have to want you back too! Here are my best tips to stand out from the crowd and find your sisters for a lifetime.


1. Be yourself! Now I know this sounds like a given, but so many girls go into sorority recruitment thinking that they need to act a certain way to impress the sorority women. It is obvious when someone is trying to be someone they’re not.. Being authentic will help make genuine connections! Ultimately it is all about finding Y O U R people and the only way to do that is if you are YOU!

2. Don’t gossip! Avoid what they call “The 5 B’s of sorority recruitment.” Boys, Booze, Bush, Beliefs, and Bucks. Talking about your boyfriend or all the cute new boys you’ve met in the dorms, the sororities want to hear about your interests and YOU. Name dropping your favorite frat boys isn’t going to help you get a bid, the weekend is all about sisterhood and finding the right house for you… not the men in your life. Booze should never be a topic of conversation. These women work hard to keep a classy reputation for their chapter on campus and won’t be impressed by how many tequila shots you can drink in one night. They aren’t looking for girls to go to parties with, they are looking for women they think will be a genuine sister that they can count on to be there for them any day of the week no matter if alcohol is involved or not. Bush… talking about politics is a big no. Do I even need to explain? Talking about your beliefs isn’t necessary because this is something that can be seen in the way you present yourself and behave. There is no need to get into a debate in the middle of your conversation! Lastly, bucks… talking about money is the BIGGEST no. Despite what the movies show about sororities, these women don’t care that you have all the of the new Chanel collection or that your shoes are from Gucci. Talking about money is inappropriate in any setting, so sorority recruitment is definitely not the place.

3. Ultimately sororities are looking for women who their members can be friends with, who will support their philanthropy, who are committed to their academics, and have strong leadership and integrity. Let these qualities shine through your conversations!

4. Clothes!! Dress for success. Looking put together is very important. Don’t show up to recruitment looking like you just rolled out of bed. You wouldn’t do this for an interview because it looks unprofessional and sends the message that you don’t care.

5. Above all, have an open mind and have fun!






These are great tips! I must’ve read a hundred of these articles before I went through recruitment, and they were so reassuring. I really love how yours includes the importance of philanthropy. I would love for potential new members to be excited about our philanthropies going into recruitment.